Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 5 - Amazing Race Challenges

Amazing Race Challenges was just idea last year when we had one day of a huge multi area Obstacle Course. The campers loved it so this year we expanded it into an entire week and “What a Week it has been!”

The Camp was divided into 4 divisions so the competition would be fair for all. Each day the Groups would pick campers to participate so lots of children would participate by the end of the week. The Friendly / Fun Competition Week began with the Obstacle Course Races and Relays on Tuesday. Eight Campers were able to compete and represent their group, 1 on each leg of the race.

Here is how the race went: Time starts: # Run from start to the Junior Camp Play Structure and go through the maze (we will show you the course, then run out the gate and tag # Ride the tricycle around the white rail fence circle of the lawn around behind the Cantina and tag # Hit the hockey puck through the cones to the top of the stars and tag # Go down the stairs, across the bridge, down the stairs turn right and go under the bridge into the creek and look for a Gold painted rock. The Gold Rock must make it across the finish line. Run back up go across the bridge and back up to the main area and hand gold rock to and tag # Skip a jump rope around the white rail fence and tag # Hit the croquette ball through the hoops and hand gold rock to and tag # Get into your potatoe sack and hop across the lawn and give gold rock to and tag #8  Hula hoop for 10 seconds and go up the stairs to the Finish Line with the gold rock!. Time Stops! Phew, it is tiring just reading it isn’t it? View pictures on Flickr or Facebook and videos on utube.

Wednesday was Group Pool Race Challenges. 4 Campers from each group competed. Camper #1 started at the top of the slide, Time starts: Slide down, swim under the rope and tag camper #2, swim to the middle of the pool and dive down to get a ring off of the bottom. Swim to the other side of the pool and tag camper #3 who had to make a basket. After making the basket Camper #3 tagged camper #4 who had to get on an inner tube and swim or kick to the opposite side of the pool. It was fun to watch and participate.

Thursday older groups participated at the Ropes Course and the younger groups at the Group Challenge in climbing activities. 3 campers from each group represented their group in the competition.

Friday was the Campwide Finale which gave each group clues which led them all over the entire camp, somewhat like a scavenger hunt. It was like taking a “power-walk” and everyone had to stay together as a group. There were some close moments when 2 groups came back to the lunch area at the same time. At snack time the winners of each division were awarded an Amazing Race Challenge Certificate and a special snack.

Jeff, our video guru took some fun videos of the week and we will be uploading them to utube for your viewing pleasure.

Of course we presented our Specialists of the Week and Campers of the Week, pictures galore.

Next week is one of Cali-Camp’s classics: “Come to the Carnival”. Groups pick their theme for their booths, make banners and plan the games, Face Painting and the Carnival on Friday with booths, Games and Prizes for all! Check it out on our website:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Week 3 - "Sail the Silly Seas"

It has been since the year 2001 that we had Wacky Book of Records Week. Here’s how it goes: Each group in camp has 2 days, Monday and Tuesday to set their group’s “Wacky” record. For the rest of the week we put 1 record from each group up on the backboard and each group in camp can try to break the records set back on Monday and Tuesday.

We started the week with lots of new campers joining us. Time was spent at Circle Time introducing them to the group, assigning them a buddy for the day and making sure they get their orientation both in the group and at all of the areas of camp. We started with a counselor Task, which we continued each morning before Circle Time. The counselors set the first record – 103 consecutive beach ball hits. We’ll see what the record will be by the end of the week.

By Wednesday each group had set at least 1 record to enter into the Wacky Record:

Group, Official Record, Record
Cubs, Simon Says, 11 minutes
Bunnies, Jumping Jacks, 32 min. 9 sec.
Raccoons, Spinning in Circles, 6 min 35 sec
Butterflies, Handball bounces,1100
Chipmunks, Hula Hoop,46 min. 2 sec.
Wolves,Ping Pong bounces, 75
Swans, Somersaults per minute, 46
Ravens, Pushups, 52
Coyotes,Beach ball Rally,68
Doves, Swivel Hips on the Trampoline, 9
Fawns, Balance arrow on finger, 3 min. 8 sec.
Cardinals, Tennis ball bounces on racket, 452
Grizzlies, Caterpillar at Adventure – Ropes Course,45 sec.
Eagles, Ping pong Rally,230
Roadrunners, Basketball passes in 30 seconds,34
Palominos, Seat drops in one minute, 62
Mustangs,How many words can be made from a sentence, 108

On Wednesday, we divided the camp into 2 Divisions: Ages 5 to 8 and Ages 9 to 13 and set out to begin breaking records. Every group got into it and words of encouragement and cheering were heard coming from campers and staff alike. Our “Wacky / Tacky” Dress-up was a huge success and a FUN time was had by all who participated. Groups worked together to support the efforts of individual campers and lots of pictures and videos were taken. Check them out on Flickr and utube!

Thursday was Specialist of the Week with awards going to many campers who were really putting forth great effort and perseverance in the tasks at hand, whether it is consecutive Tennis ball bounces, the Caterpillar climb at Adventure or Swivel Hips on the Trampoline.

Friday’s, Campers of the Week were happy at Circle Time. The Bus Cup Challenge winners were ecstatic at lunch. At Snack Time we announced the Winners of the Final Wacky Records. Campers went home with certificates and their name went into our Wacky Record Book, to be brought out the next time we bring back Wacky Book of Records Week.

The whole week was building up with excitement to the Boy’s only overnight! The boys are looking forward to 2 hours of free-time with Horseback riding, Go-Carts, Target Sports, Rock climbing and a variety of other areas open for free choice. After free-time is the “all you can eat” Pizza party followed by a swim party, skit planning and campfire. The campfire is a real highlight of the evening with funny skits in which each camper will participate in and silly stories. Bedtime snack of Martha’s homemade cookies and hot chocolate is the perfect ending to a great day. Bedtime will be on the main camp lawn outside the lower offices with all night supervision. Older campers are allowed to stay up and play in the “Tackier Town” and Game Room for awhile longer than the younger children.

In the morning our fabulous cook Martha will be back for breakfast, followed by more free-time. In the morning we open up one of the camper’s favorites – Bamboo Forest! Snack-time and Lost and Found bring the overnight to an end. Camper’s get on their buses and pull out of the parking lot at 10:00AM and will be home to their drop-off points promptly. We promise they will come home tired, hopefully with all of their overnight gear, full of funny stories from the campfire and SMILEING!

Week 4 is next – “Sail the Silly Seas”: A fun-filled week of Water Games, Races and Relays. On Gilligan’s Island Day the Staff and Team Leaders Dress up as Characters from Gilligan’s Island. Camper’s can too if you would like to join in with the festivities. Thursday is “Pirate Day” with Treasure Hunts and a Gold Doubloons Contest. On Friday we culminate the week with “Back to the Beach” with Beach Dress-up, Beach Games an all camp Surfer Dance and the Girl’s ONLY Overnight!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Week 2 – “We Love a Parade”

Week 2 started off with a bit of heat, so one of our morning announcements, delivered by Shayna was “Hot, Hot, Hot, Drink Plenty of Water”. First Day campers were introduced to their counselors and groups, assigned buddies and were off to play. Sports Camp, the Roadrunners started Week 2 with Tennis in the mornings and were all happy when the afternoon came and they could go swimming. Week 2 of Wrangler Camp started without a hitch and is running smoothly.

Groups have all week to get their float built for the parade on Friday. We have been collecting cardboard from delivery boxes and have supplied the groups with a myriad of supplies from crepe paper, streamers and duct tape to help them create their group float.

On Monday, we started passing out Boy’s Overnight Flyers. Friday, July 10th, is the BOY’S ONLY OVERNIGHT. The following Friday, the 17th is the Girls ONLY. Flyers for the boy’s will be passed out at snack time today and the Girl’s flyers will start going out next week. Overnights consist of:

    1. 2 hours of freetime including target sports, go-carts, crafts, gymnastics, tennis, and oh so much more…
    2. A great all you can eat pizza dinner with salads and desert
    3. After dinner swim party with a nickel dive
    4. Campfire (first of the year) with silly skits (campers get to perform too), special songs and Boy’s only Overnight Campfire Surprise Ceremony
    5. After the campfire hot chocolate and home made “Martha’s special cookies”
    6. Morning breakfast, more freetime, snack and we’re home for the weekend

All of the Groups spent time working on their floats for the Parade on Friday. It was great watching the kids be a part of the planning and execution of their floats. I think they were proud of their efforts.

Wednesday we started the day with some waterballoon staff relays in the lunch area and Thursday with picnic games with the buddy walkers. The kids get a kick out of their counselors competing for their section of the lunch area.

Campers of the Week and Specialists of the Week were presented Thursday and Friday and pictures posted on the bulletin board in the back of the lunch area along with on Facebook and Flickr. We took a few videos, short vignette’s this week also that were uploaded to utube. Please take some time and check our our Week 2 pictures.

Campers worked all week for the Parade on Friday which was a huge success. Every group, even Junior Camp participated and the Wrangler Staff brought down a horse. What’s a parade without a horse! We took some pictures (up on Flickr) and a Video of the entire parade which we will upload on Monday.

Next Week is Wacky Book of Records where campers from each group will try to establish "Wacky" Records Monday and Tuesday and then everyone spends Wednesday, Thursday and Friday trying to beat their records. The last time we had this week was in 2001, so we have some of the records from that year to try to break too! It should be Fun. The week culminates with the Boy's Only Overnight on Friday (July 10th) and the Girl's will follow on the next Friday (July 17th).