Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 5 - Amazing Race Challenges

Amazing Race Challenges was just idea last year when we had one day of a huge multi area Obstacle Course. The campers loved it so this year we expanded it into an entire week and “What a Week it has been!”

The Camp was divided into 4 divisions so the competition would be fair for all. Each day the Groups would pick campers to participate so lots of children would participate by the end of the week. The Friendly / Fun Competition Week began with the Obstacle Course Races and Relays on Tuesday. Eight Campers were able to compete and represent their group, 1 on each leg of the race.

Here is how the race went: Time starts: # Run from start to the Junior Camp Play Structure and go through the maze (we will show you the course, then run out the gate and tag # Ride the tricycle around the white rail fence circle of the lawn around behind the Cantina and tag # Hit the hockey puck through the cones to the top of the stars and tag # Go down the stairs, across the bridge, down the stairs turn right and go under the bridge into the creek and look for a Gold painted rock. The Gold Rock must make it across the finish line. Run back up go across the bridge and back up to the main area and hand gold rock to and tag # Skip a jump rope around the white rail fence and tag # Hit the croquette ball through the hoops and hand gold rock to and tag # Get into your potatoe sack and hop across the lawn and give gold rock to and tag #8  Hula hoop for 10 seconds and go up the stairs to the Finish Line with the gold rock!. Time Stops! Phew, it is tiring just reading it isn’t it? View pictures on Flickr or Facebook and videos on utube.

Wednesday was Group Pool Race Challenges. 4 Campers from each group competed. Camper #1 started at the top of the slide, Time starts: Slide down, swim under the rope and tag camper #2, swim to the middle of the pool and dive down to get a ring off of the bottom. Swim to the other side of the pool and tag camper #3 who had to make a basket. After making the basket Camper #3 tagged camper #4 who had to get on an inner tube and swim or kick to the opposite side of the pool. It was fun to watch and participate.

Thursday older groups participated at the Ropes Course and the younger groups at the Group Challenge in climbing activities. 3 campers from each group represented their group in the competition.

Friday was the Campwide Finale which gave each group clues which led them all over the entire camp, somewhat like a scavenger hunt. It was like taking a “power-walk” and everyone had to stay together as a group. There were some close moments when 2 groups came back to the lunch area at the same time. At snack time the winners of each division were awarded an Amazing Race Challenge Certificate and a special snack.

Jeff, our video guru took some fun videos of the week and we will be uploading them to utube for your viewing pleasure.

Of course we presented our Specialists of the Week and Campers of the Week, pictures galore.

Next week is one of Cali-Camp’s classics: “Come to the Carnival”. Groups pick their theme for their booths, make banners and plan the games, Face Painting and the Carnival on Friday with booths, Games and Prizes for all! Check it out on our website:

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