Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 6 - Come to the Carnival

One of the longest running traditions at Cali-Camp has been “Carnival Week” In the 80’s Carnival Week was the most amazing event where every camper’s parents would come up to the Carnival and parking was the biggest part of the day with parents parking everywhere – in the horse arenas, on the playfield, the go-cart tracks, the parking lot, the playground and all over the street outside camp. Many Junior counselors used to dread that day as they had to move all of the tires from the go-cart tracks. Over the years, many things have changed about Carnival Day. We still have our alumni who come to visit, but now they bring their kids and reminisce about their days as camp counselors and how those days in their lives were the absolute best days of their lives. Many of our alumni were also campers forever and will be in our hearts and the history of Cali-Camp. We love you all!

Carnival Week started out with everyone beginning their booth choices and booth banners. There were groups which had to plan together, groups which had to build together, groups which created their special outfits together, groups which brought their specialty into their booth, such as Wrangler Camp with their lasso a horse and Sports Camp with their Basketball toss!

It was interesting to see the counselors and their groups working together this week for a common goal. The campers took pride in their booths and even worked the booth, on a schedule, to make sure that all of the campers had a fun time at their booth.

Carnival Face Painting was a big hit with many groups, such as the Cubs and Swans, whose counselors +go out of their way to get involved in camp with their campers. Check out their faces on Facebook and Flickr. Check out links to the right of this blog!

This Week at Backyard Games and Sports, our specialist Lauren taught “Capture the Flag”, which helps groups work together, plan strategies and accept their fate when they are caught by the opposing teams. The Carnival with all of its aspects, taught many of the same concepts through different means. Life skills are so much fun to teach and in a camp setting campers really get it. So many things relate back to life that we do in camp. We never miss a chance to point this out to both our campers and or staff.

So the week builds….. Campers get excited… Staff members make sure all of the little details of their booths are taken care of, our program team leader KC coordinates supplies and equipment… And in spite of everything… Carnival happens and is it’s never-ending success. We will have a Carnival Video on next week. Pictures on Flickr and Cali-Camp Summer Day Camp Facebook Group page.

The Carnival ends and the Overnight begins! This overnight was Co-ed, both boys and girls. We had one of our alumni whose children go to camp come to the overnight and stay all night. It brought back many memories for her and new memories were made for all of them. The campers had a great time, especially at the campfire with everyone in skits. We are sending the videos to our specialist to post on utube next week.

Next week is one of Cali-Camp’s favorites – Cali-Camp Returns to Hogwarts. The sorting hat will be here on Monday morning to place all of the groups into the Hogwarts Houses. Campers are encouraged to dress up as Hogwarts students all week for points for their houses. Check out next weeks schedule on our website at

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