Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 7 - Return to Hogwarts

It’s Week 7 and the energy is still high because Harry Potter is coming to town. Since the first book of Harry Potter we have enjoyed Cali-Camp Returns to Hogwarts. The enthusiasm for everything Hogwarts continues to this day. The week began with Professor McGonagall placing each counselor under the sorting hat to see which House of Hogwarts their group will be in all week. Would it be Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. The children were good sports and represented their House with vim and vigor.

Friendly, Fun Competition for the House Cup took place all week with Houses challenging Houses for House Points. Whether it was a group House camper challenging another group House camper to a game of foosball to a whole group challenging another group to a game of Capture the Flag the points kept coming. Houses colored flags, cheered, sang and competed for the House Cup on Friday. On Tuesday each House came up with a cheer for their House and performed for points and honor. The cheers will be seen on utube soon. They were just a bit long and have to be condensed.

Quidditch matches began on Tuesday which were set up by divisions, 4 to be exact. Backyard Games and Sports also taught Quiddtich all week so if their group was eliminated from the Tournament they still had a chance to play. The field was set up all week for groups to challenge other groups in Quidditch.

There was lots of dress up all week with different characters from Hogwarts showing up like Luna Lovegood, lots of Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermoine’s, Prefects, Golden Snitches, Hagrids, Bellatrix LeStranges and Dumbledores. Houses got points for the most dressed up campers.

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean Scavenger Hunt was a huge success with golden beans counting for more points. The winning group was the Swans with over 8,000 bean points. Everywhere you looked you would see Team Leaders putting beans all over camp all day.

On Thursday the Finals of the Quidditch Matches came down to the Eagles winning for Slytherin and the Eagles challenging the staff to a match on Friday morning. The whole camp showed up and cheered the Eagles, but they were no match for the staff team with Jack as Keeper! It was brothers against brothers. Charles K. did a great job as Keeper for the campers and blocked many shots with his broom. Raleigh the Eagle and Dan the counselor were seekers and almost caught the golden snitch many times.

Friday, Leonardo the Amazing dazzled the campers with his Magic Show and the day ended with the House that was in first place all week – Hufflepuff winning. Everyone cheered, Hufflepuff did their cheer once more and another wonderful season at Hogwarts came to an end. What a successful week it was.

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