Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 8 - Summer Olympics

Olympic Week started off in Great Cali-Camp fashion with groups picking countries to represent all week in the “Summer Olympics”. In Division A – Cubs of Greece, Bunnies of Jamaica and Raccoons of Italy, Division B – Butterflies of Russia, Chipmunks of Poland, Wolves of Spain and the Palominos of Finland, Division C – Swans of Brazil, Ravens of South Korea, Doves of Mexico, Coyotes of Dominican Republic, Roadrunners of Chad and Division D – Fawns of New Zealand, Cardinals of Australia, Grizzlies of Djibouti, Eagles of Ireland and Israel and the Mustangs of England.

Groups made Flags of their Countries and we had our Opening Ceremonies with the procession of the Flags and the Olympic Torch Relay. Lots of pictures were taken and posted on Flickr and Facebook.

Tuesday was Olympic Track Events with the 50 yard dash and Team Baton Relays. Wednesday was Field Events – Shot Put (Softball) and Discus (Frisbee) events. Thursday was Swimming Relays and Races and Friday was the Olympic Trampoline Meet. Each day 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons were presented at snack time and Participation Ribbons for each camper who participated. We awarded points: 1st place – 3 points, 2nd place – 2 points and 3rd place – 1 point. Throughout the week we added up the scores. Division A – Cubs of Greece were 1st place, Division B – Palominos of Finland were 1st place, Division C – Doves of Mexico were 1st place and Division D – Eagles of Ireland were 1st place. We cheered each other and celebrated the Friendly, Fun Competition. We all wished that the world, as we know it, could do the same!

The staff spent a couple of days nominating and voting on Campers of the Year and the Specialists picked their Specialists of the Year. All names have gone off to the Trophy Shop for engraving and parents will be called early this week to come and see their children win prestigious awards. Each child who wins gets an engraved placque to take home and their name goes on a perpetual placque that stays at camp forever.

The Week ended with our last Co-ed Overnight. Once again campers enjoyed themselves at Freetime for 2 hours on Friday. For dinner we had Lasagne, plain pasta, salad, garlic bread and churros for desert. The swim party cleaned everyone from the long day at camp and then they were off to the campfire where the skits were Funny and everyone participated. Hot chocolate and homemade cookies ended the night and everyone got plenty of sleep, except the staff of course.

We are all looking forward to Farewell Week with Camper Directors for a Day, Backwards Day, Camper Free-Choice and Camper Farewell with Awards on Friday. We have room if you would like to add a few days next week. Just call our office at (310) 455-0404 or send an email to

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