Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cali-Camp Summer 2010 - Week 3 - Get "UP" with Cali-Camp

Sometime last winter a remarkable movie came out which sparked so many ideas for a week at camp, thus Get "UP" with Cali-Camp was born. Starting back at staff training all of the Specialists spent time designing their "Specialty Explorer Badges" that have been a big hit. Each time a group attends a Specialty Area the Specialist chooses one camper at the end of the period to receive the Explorer Badge. Once a camper received an Explorer Badge they could make a sash to display it. Campers wear their sashes throughout the day and the counselors collect them at the end of the day. On the campers last day they can take their sash home with all of the badges they received during the week.

On Monday campers made "Adventure Journals" to keep track of their Cali-Camp memories, which will also go home with campers on their last day. Campers also got their first glimpse of the Wanted Posters of Kevin, the tropical bird who likes chocolate and loses lots of feathers. The hunt for Kevin has brought many funny stories along with "Fred the Flamingo" showing up from Bus 11 with feathers, trying to be Kevin. The Grizzlies have been especially diligent and have been hot on Kevin's trail.

Wednesday we explored "All things that fly" with helicopters, crossword puzzles and paper airplanes.

Thursday, Wilderness Explorer Day found the camp overflowing with green balloons and green popsicle sticks. Campers had all day to search for as many popsicle sticks and balloons they could find and during the last period groups tried to create something (like a house)out of the sticks and balloons that flies. Specialists of the Week were awarded all day and pictures at snack time which are posted on the bulletin board in the back of the lunch area each week.

Friday, the culminating day began with Camper of the Week, a day full of searching and ended with the Cardinals finding "KEVIN" hiding down in the creek in a black trash bag.


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