Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet our Administrative Team

Cali-Camp is proud to have such talented people on our Administrative Team, many of whom have been staff members for many years. Our Administrative Team becomes our Team Leaders who oversee the groups, specialty areas and campers. They are the parents first line of response. If you call camp about your child you will hear from one of the Team Leaders or Camp Directors. Each of us have certain responsibilities and have written a bit about the first few weeks of the summer:

HI Cali-Campers and families, It's me Pam, the Camp Director. Cali-Camp has been part of my life for the past 35 years. How can that be when I'm only 30 (hahaha). This summer has started out like gangbusters with full participation by all campers and staff showing their "Cali-Camp Spirit". The Spirit Cup ended up with every group which was amazing. We have such a fun summer planned with new themes and some of our old favorites. Our overnights have begun (Boy's tonight and Girl's next week). They are truly memory makers. As I sit here at my desk writing I hear a group walking by calling "Here Snipe", Kevin, Kevin, where are you? This week "Get 'UP' with Cali-Camp" has been unbelievable. The kids have really gotten into it, with "Happy Helper" buttons the BIG hit! Next week is another new week - "Dance / Rap with the Cali-Camp Stars". We're thinking of a kind of Cali-Camp Idol thing with groups performing towards the end of the week. We will be teaching "The Hokey Pokey, Cha-Cha Slide and Line Dancing" ALL Week!
I hope you enjoy meeting our Administrative Team. They are awesome!

HI, my name is Jeff Sworzyn. I am the Operations Director and work at Cali-Camp year round. Among my favorite activities at camp is running the Bus Cup Challenge. The buses are ringing loud with sounds of camp songs that are cleverly rearranged to win the coveted bus cup! Ever year is a great experience for us and the children.

Kelly Zakosek - 6th year - Cali-Camp has started and it is on it's way to an amazing 45 days this summer. The Fawns, Grizzlies, Cardinals, Eagles / CILT's and Roadrunners have come out with a bang. Roadrunners started off the summer with Tennis and with the help from the counselors the children were taught how to use a forehand, backhand, volley's and serving. The Fawns kicked off the summer with outstanding Cali-Camp Spirit. Their creative minds took us into laughter with their group cheer and amazing banner. The eleven year old, imaginative Cardinals became the talk of the camp with their skits and creative dramatic presentations. The Grizzlies are enjoying Rocks and Ropes flying down the zip line all period long. Last, but not least the Eagles / CILT's. Words can not describe what a wonderful group of young women and men they are this year. They are enjoying every activity one period at a time and are engaging themselves in activities with younger campers to set a great example for these kids.

Jill Doolin - 13 years
- The Cali-Camp Summer of 2010 is well under way and we are having a fantastic time. My name is Jill Doolin and I am the Team Leader for the youngest groups in camp: The Ducklings, Cubs, Raccoons, Bunnies, Chipmunks and Butterflies are all awesome groups. The campers have tremendous spirit and enthusiasm and the counselors are the best. Whether we are at swimming or go-carts, or visiting some of the many exciting areas in camp, the groups are giving it their best effort and having so much fun. Cali-Camp 2010 has just begun and we can't wait for more...

Hello! My name is Ariel Rowin - 6 years and I am one of the Program Directors here at Cali-Camp (I am the one on the right, on the left is Sarah). I've been attending camp since I was four years old and this summer is my first as a program director. Spirit week and Red,White and Blue weeks were so much fun and "UP!" Week has been spectacular. Cali-Camp is such a wonderful place to spend the summer, sometimes I can't help spending a little extra time in arts and crafts or acting out my creative side in drama. I look forward to the rest of camp and wish all of you a happy and healthy summer.

Hello Cali-Camp! My name is Sarah (I am the one on the left of Ariel) and I am a Team Leader for Program along with my partner Ariel. This is my first year here and I am happy to say we have had a great start to the summer. As a program specialist I work to make the themes come alive.
The first week we had the "Cali-Camp Spirit" where I was impressed with the great smiles and support of the Cali-Camp atmosphere.
Week number two brought us the friendly competitions of "Red, White and Blue Week". It was great to see all the campers get involved and work hard to earn points for their respective teams, The Blue Bombers, The White Lightenings and the Red Rockets.
"Get 'UP' with Cali-Camp" has proven to be a great theme for week three. The kids have found feathers that have been dropping off of Kevin the Tropical Bird when she tries to join in on their games and runs away instead. Our specialists worked hard to create memorable buttons for those outstanding campers in each area. The campers are wearing their Explorer Buttons proudly.
In addition to the Program specialist I am also the Inclusion Coordinator. As a special education teacher by trade I love to see kids with special needs be fully included in all activities. The kids with special needs are fully included and having a wonderful time. When I walk up to any and all program areas these kids are a part of the group and are not being singled out in any way. I feel honored to be working with such an amazing group of people that flawlessly encourage the inclusion of ALL kids.
So far my first year has been wonderful and I look forward to finishing out the summer strong.

Hello Parents and Campers! I am Sasha Santacruz and this is my first year here at Cali-Camp. My supervision groups are the Doves, Coyotes, Mustangs, Palominos, Swans and the Wolves. My experience so far has been unbelievable. Getting to know the counselors, specialists and what better than the campers! Being able to see the campers drive the go-carts, ride the horses or hitting the bullseye at Target Sports has made this a delightful summer so for. The developing friendships between counselors and campers shows as the counselors welcome their campers with exhuberant smiles and a warm "Good Morning."
The weekly themes have been a success. We just wrapped up "Get 'Up' with Cali-Camp." Our theme was based on the movie "UP." The campers had the opportunity to earn badges at each specialty area. Each camper would wear a sash that proudly displayed their hard earned badges.
Overall, I have seen smiles, heard laughter and that to me is the Cali-Camp Experience!

Hi parents and Cali-Campers. My name is Justin -, the Jr. Staff Director here at Cali-Camp. I am back for my 7th summer and so far having a great time. All of the Jr. Staff members are doing a great job this summer. They are just as happy as I am with how the summer is going. We are having a great time playing games and doing all of the fun activities with your children. Red, White and Blue week was a huge success full of cheers and competitions. We have some really fun themed weeks coming up and I hope to see your children there.

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